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What types of designs do apartments for rent in District 7 include?

Apartment for rent in District 7 with diverse types: Apartment building, Serviced Apartment, Officetel.

1) Apartment building: Design includes bedroom, living room, toilet, kitchen. Apartments include the following types: 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom apartment; Shophouse; Penthouse; Duplex.

+ 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4 bedroom apartment:

Hung Phuc Happy Residence Premier.jpg
(Apartment for rent in District 7 Phu My Hung, Ho Chi Minh city)
Cho thuê căn hộ Quận 7 - Đất Vàng
(Luxury Apartment for rent in District 7)
Cho Thuê Căn Hộ Quận 7 Giá Rẻ [Mới Nhất] 2022 - Đất Vàng
(Rent apartment in District 7 easier at Dat Vang)

+ Shophouse (also known as Commercial Apartment): is an architectural complex of apartments building and commercial business stores. Shophouse is usually located on the ground floor of the Apartment, suitable for restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping stores.

cho thuê shophouse quận 7 - Shophouse for rent in district 7
(Shophouse for rent in District 7 with a variety of areas)

+ Penthouse: is an apartment located on the top of a building or building. Penthouses are usually designed with an attic (2 floors) with many bedrooms suitable for large families. Because it is the highest position, it is the most airy, with a wide, sweeping view.

Apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City
(Penthouse for rent in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City)

+ Duplex (also known as penthouse): Apartments usually have 2 floors, usually designed on the middle floor of the building, with a staircase design inside the Apartment.

Apartments for rent in District 7 not only focuses on reasonable design and layout but also focuses on green space. With a reasonable construction density, a large green area will help residents have a fresh atmosphere.
Moreover, each Apartment for rent in District 7 is welcomed with natural light and wind that will bring a relaxed and comfortable life to the resident community.

Cho Thuê Căn Hộ Quận 7 Giá Rẻ [Mới Nhất] 2022 - Đất Vàng
(Duplex for rent in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City)

2) Serviced Apartment (Studio Apartment):

– Serviced Apartments include studio apartments or separate bedroom. Serviced apartments are suitable for students or singles or young couples.

– Although the serviced apartments for rent district 7 has a small area, it is smartly designed, with a reasonable bed, kitchen, and hygiene to create a comfortable feeling when living. Studio apartment for rent District 7 is suitable for foreign experts to live and work in Vietnam.

– Some Asian experts such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore favor and favor minimalism with the habit of living in small spaces.

– Serviced apartments for rent in District 7 has become a popular trend, the first choice for tourists, short-term or long-term business guests.

Cho Thuê Căn Hộ Quận 7 Giá Rẻ [Mới Nhất] 2022 - Đất Vàng
(Serviced apartment for rent in District 7 with good price)
Apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City
(High-class facilities Studio apartment for rent in District 7)

+ Officetel: is a type of multi-purpose apartment, both used to live and work as an office. Small area from 20sqm to 50sqm. Officetel is fully furnished with bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and basic furniture for working.

cho thuê căn hộ quận 7 - Apartment for rent in district 7, Ho Chi Minh city
(Offictel for rent in District 7, Ho Chi Minh city)

Apartment for rent in District 7 has a favorable location

Geographical location of District 7

– District 7 is an inner city district of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
– District 7 is famous for Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Wonderland amusement park and Phu My Hung Urban Area (Saigon South Urban Area).

– District 7 has a strategic location in the exploitation of waterway and road traffic, and this is also the southern gateway of Ho Chi Minh City, a bridge connecting the city’s development direction with the East Sea and the world. With those values, District 7 has the conditions to attract domestic and foreign investment. Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone in the district is one of the largest and most effective export processing zones of the city.

– Currently, a number of new urban areas have been formed in District 7 such as Phu My Hung urban area, Cityland Riverside urban area, Nam Phu Villas urban area, Him Lam – Kenh Te urban area,…

apartment for rent in district 7 ho chi minh city;
(District 7, Ho Chi Minh city)

– Phu My Hung is one of the projects that made a strong impression on the real estate market of District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, when just launched the project has attracted a lot of attention from customers and investors. 

Apartment for rent in District 7 is very convenient location, only 10 minutes by car from District 1 and District 5. Especially, the project is located at the junction of Nguyen Luong Bang and Hoang Quoc Viet streets, so it is very convenient to travel, trade and trade with surrounding areas.

District 7 is adjacent to which locations?

– To the east, it borders Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province (through Nha Be river) and Thu Duc city (via Saigon river).

-The West borders District 8 and Binh Chanh district with the boundary of Ong Lon canal

– The South borders Nha Be district with the boundary of Rach Dia – Rach Roi – Phu Xuan River

– The North borders District 4 (through Kenh Te) and Thu Duc city (through the Saigon River).

Apartment for rent in District 7 has a prime location

– With the criterion of building an urban area close to nature, the investor has brought to the residents of District 7 a project built as a 5-star resort with cool scenery, with a large green space to bring cool, fresh air. This is an ideal area for those who love peace and want to live in harmony with nature.
– Especially when rent apartment in District 7, you will enjoy very luxurious and modern facilities with many items such as: Gym room with many modern equipment, banquet room, children’s play area, fountain , sports area,…

– Most of the Apartments for rent District 7 are located in the central area of district 7 so they inherit many diverse and modern external facilities.

Apartment for rent in District 7 has full class facilities

Apartment for rent in District 7 has internal utilities on the doorstep

– The internal utilities are clearly shown in the living space in harmony with nature, the density of trees is quite high and reasonable; Green campus, jogging track is an ideal space to help you improve your health after a hard working day. The delicate and harmonious combination between sophisticated design and green nature brings outstanding living values.

– Apartment for rent in District 7 with full internal facilities such as: swimming pool, gym, community room, reading room, indoor and outdoor children’s play area, BBQ area, cloud garden, promenade,…

Apartment for rent in District 7 has extra-regional utilities beyond expectations

– Besides enjoying the internal facilities, residents also have easy access to the external facilities such as health care system, entertainment culture, shopping center, multi-level education system, etc. within short distances.

Apartments for rent in District 7 is directly connected to all urban facilities: The Crescent area is bustling with culinary services, shopping, entertainment, International Trade and Finance area to complete all utility needs.

– Outstanding facilities outside the area are a system of 8 international and domestic schools including: Japan, Korea, Canada, Taipei, Saigon South, Le Van Tam, Tiny Flower, … and soon a Canadian kindergarten. All of them are just a few minutes walk, very convenient for families with small children.

TOP 5 worth living apartments for rent in District 7 at the moment

– Located in the South of Saigon, District 7 is one of the largest districts not less than the central district. The roads are wide and open, the traffic infrastructure is well-completed, and it is a place for many foreigners to stay. Where a series of luxury villas for the upper class are the most prominent when it comes to District 7. In addition, you can easily search for the most famous international cases in Saigon, large shopping centers and famous restaurants here.
– Based on these favorable factors and the advantages of District 7, Dat Vang has compiled information about Top 5 worth living apartments in District 7 at the moment, you can refer and consider invest here.

1) Midtown Phu My Hung – “Paradise of life”

– Midtown Phu My Hung is located on Nguyen Luong Bang Street – which is planned to become the busiest commercial street in the area.
Cho thuê căn hộ chung cư Midtown Phú Mỹ Hưng cao cấp, tiện nghi - Apartment for rent in Midtown Phu My Hung District 7, Ho Chi Minh
(Apartment for rent in District 7 at Midtown Phu My Hung )

– Located next to the International Trade and Finance area – where hundreds of headquarters of multinational corporations, along with many commercial, financial, banking, hospital, multi-national schools and multi-level from kindergarten to university: Taiwan, Korean, Japanese, Dinh Thien Ly, Nam Sai Gon, SSIS schools, etc. At the same time, Midtown is also adjacent to the peaceful Nam Vien area – The resort meets the most international standards of Phu My Hung with green and fresh space.

– Located in the place known as the “heart” of Phu My Hung urban area, is one of the rare projects that owns a beautiful land, fertile terrain, and brings fortune.

– Midtown Phu My Hung deserves to be the “golden location” for a prosperous life.

2) Scenic Valley 1 – “Space Masterpiece”

Apartment for rent in District 7 at Scenic Valley 1 (Scenic Valley) is located on Ton Dat Tien Street, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. The central location is located right at the arterial traffic axis Nguyen Van Linh, less than 200m from Phu My Hung International Trade and Financial Area. From Scenic Valley, it’s only a few minutes walk to Crescent Mall.

scenic valley phu my hung
(Apartment for rent in District 7 Phu My Hung at Scenic Valley)

– Just within walking distance, residents easily connect to urban facilities: FV Hospital, Tam Duc heart hospital, school, Women’s Cultural House 2, Tan My market, Tai’s commercial area Phu My Hung International.

– Scenic Valley 1 Phu My Hung Apartment is a place to experience the high life. Along with the internal facilities, Scenic Valley resonates with the facilities of the prosperous urban area of Phu My Hung: Shopping, entertainment – entertainment (Crescent Mall, Starlight Bridge, Crescent Lake), culture – sports, beauty care, health care, education (multi-level school system from preschool to university), … Scenic Valley elevates the value of life with many modern facilities.

– The harmonious combination of natural advantages (landscape river, natural green space – South Saigon golf course) and Vietnamese cultural traditions and the standards and science of Singaporean architecture bring residents a sense of nostalgia. A convenient living space in the heart of a modern city.

3) Green Valley 

– Green Valley is located in the heart of Phu My Hung urban area, next to Saigon South golf course, in the largest medical center area of Phu My Hung. From Green Valley, you can walk to Crescent Lake, Starlight Bridge, Crescent Mall and Phu My Hung International Financial and Commercial Area in just a few minutes walk.

Apartment for rent in Phu My Hung District 7, Ho Chi Minh city
(Apartment for rent in District 7 at Green Valley Phu My Hung)

– Green Valley and Happy Valley create a continuous connection, giving residents a green, peaceful, quiet living space to experience a happy life. great happiness with many convenient services on site.

– Green Valley enjoys the convenient services of the whole modern city. From infrastructure, utilities, living environment space to planning architecture. With everything considered to be almost perfectly modern, it deserves to be the place to experience the high life – the place everyone dreams of living.

4) Hung Phuc Happy Residence 

– Hung Phuc apartment building is located in Nam Vien area – where has the highest density of trees and the most parks in Phu My Hung.

cho thuê căn hộ quận 7 - apartment for rent in district 7
(Apartment for rent in District 7 at Hung Phuc - Happy Residence)

– Hung Phuc owns a location, a beautiful view with a view of the whole Nam Vien area with many parks up to 5.5ha wide. The other side faces the villas in Phu My Hung (My Phu, Chateau) with luxurious, synchronous, sophisticated semi-classical architecture and overlooking the river landscape.

– In the midst of the bustling urban life and the current shortage of parks and green trees, the location in Nam Vien area is also an advantage of Hung Phuc – Happy Residence.

– Hung Phuc – Happy Residence is also located at the gateway to the Chateau castle villa area – The most luxurious living space of Phu My Hung and is one of not many top-class residences for the business community of Vietnam in general and HCMC in particular.

5) Riverpark Premier – “Elite class, worthy of prestige”

– Riverpark Premier (also known as Riverpark 2) is one of the apartments with the highest rental and selling price in District 7 at the moment.

– Riverpark Premier is the opening project for a new version of Phu My Hung’s luxury apartment product line. Riverpark Premier consists of three buildings A, B, C with a height of 13~22 floors, balanced in 3 corners, linked together on the same 2-storey podium.

riverpark premier
(Apartment for rent in District 7 at Riverpark Premier - Riverpak 2)

– Located in the most prime location of Canh Doi area – the busiest development area in Phu My Hung today, River park Premier Phu My Hung owns a prosperous land with the front facing Nguyen Duc Canh street. The back is the river and next to the two most famous schools in Phu My Hung. The first project meets 8 house directions, with a beautiful river view, offering many options. Riverpark Premier District 7 is the last riverside apartment project in the heart of Canh Doi, the busiest development in Phu My Hung urban area. Experience the true quality of a high-class life, where noble owners converge.

– Besides, there are many other luxury apartments such as: Scenic Valley 2, Happy Valley, Sky Garden, Hung Vuong, RiverPark Residence, Green View, Grand View, Panorama, Riverside Residence, Star Hill, My Khanh, My Khang, My Vien, Nam Phuc, Garden Court, Garden Plaza, Sunrise City, Florita, Him Lam Riverside,…

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apartment for rent in district 7 ho chi minh city;
(Rent Apartment in District 7 easily)

For more,


Dat Vang specialize in providing information about Apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. In particular, we provide property in the following areas:

Apartment for rent in District 7: Scenic Valley, Green Valley, Happy Valley, Sky Garden, Hung Vuong, Riverpark Residence, Riverpark Premier, Hung Phuc – Happy Residence, Midtown Phu My Hung, Green View, Grand View, Star Hill, Riverside Residence, Panorama, Garden Court, Garden Plaza, My Khanh, My Khanh, My Phuc, Canh Vien, etc.  

Rent apartment in District 7 at neighboring apartments building nearby Phu My Hung: The View Riviera Point, Him Lam Riverside, Sunrise City, Sunrise City View, Florita, Eco Green, etc.

Apartment for rent in Nha Be with good price: Saigon South Residences, Sunrise Riverside, Phu Hoang Anh, New Sai Gon, The Park Residence, Dragon Hill, etc.

Apartments for rent in District 2: An Phu, Thao Dien Pearl, The Ascent, Topic Garden,…

Thousands of Serviced Apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh city, special Serviced Apartment for rent in District 7 with a variety of areas and prices from 6,000,000 to 20,000,000 VND per month, studio and one bedroom fully furnished, high-class furniture and amenities.

Villa for rent in Ho Chi Minh city, especially villa for rent in district 7: Villa for rent in Nam Thong, My Phu, Hung Thai, My Thai, My Van, etc. Single villas, duplex villas are smartly and methodically designed to create ventilation, wind and natural light to help owners have the opportunity to enjoy the comfort and convenience of resort right in the house.

In addition, Dat Vang also have house for rent in Ho Chi Minh City located in a safe area, fresh living environment, diverse design,  house to live in or a combination of both living and working as an office.

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