Apartment for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence District 7, HCMC

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Where is Apartment for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence  located?

Hung Phuc Happy Residence is located right in front of Nguyen Luong Bang street, its 1 of 8 sub-areas of Phu My Hung urban, Hung Phuc – Happy Residence is the 37th apartment project deployed in Hanoi. Phu My Hung urban area and the 8th apartment project deployed in Nam Vien area.

hung phuc happy residence
(Apartment for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence)

  Detailes Information:

  • Project name: Hung Phuc – Happy Residence
  • Type: Apartment
  • Project location: Lot S10-2, part of lot S10, Area A – Phu My Hung Urban, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC.
  • Total land area: 9,592m2
  • Amount of block: 4
  • Amount of floors: 19
  • Amount of unit: 554 units
  • Amount of shophouse: 13
  • Apartment Area: 72sqm ~ 93sqm

Apartments for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence has prime location

Apartment for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence is located in Nam Vien area – the place with the highest density of trees and the most parks in Phu My Hung.

Hung Phuc Happy Residence owns a beautiful location and view with a view of the whole Nam Vien area with many parks up to 5.5ha wide. The other side faces the villas in Phu My Hung (My Phu, Chateau) with luxurious, synchronous, sophisticated semi-classical architecture and overlooking the river landscape.

– With the current state of bustling urban life, there is an increasingly shortage of parks and green trees, the location in Nam Vien area is also an advantage of Hung Phuc – Happy Residence.

– Apartments for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence is also located at the gateway to the Chateau villa area – The most luxurious living space of Phu My Hung and is one of not many top-class residential areas for the business community of Vietnam in general and HCMC in particular.

– The location right in front of Nguyen Luong Bang is convenient to travel, it takes about 15 minutes by motorbike to go to District 1.

Apartment for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence has full of high-class facilities

Apartment for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence with utilities on the doorstep

Prime Class Landscaping Company (Malaysia) was selected as the design company “happy garden” for Hung Phuc Residence with design requirements to meet high-class and comfortable living space for residents. .

– Experience a happy life right from the doorstep of the building lobby, modern elevator lobby, bringing comfort and convenience to residents here right from the first steps home.

– Large space for community activities connecting 4 buildings through utilities, where residents connect, share community: cool swimming pool area (pool swimming pool for adult, swimming pool for children, overflowing lake), BBQ area, colorful flower garden, green grass, …

Apartment for rent in Hung Phuc Happy Residence with has extra-regional utilities beyond expectations

– In addition to the identifying factor is the high density of green areas, where is located the Hung Phuc Happy Residence – Nam Vien area is also known as a “special cultural zone”, especially the school system. International school within walking distance: Japanese School, Korean, Taipei, Saigon South, Canadian International School, Little Flower Kindergarten, multi-level international standard school system serving civilized and modern life for residents.

– With just a few minutes to move from Hung Phuc Happy Residence, residents can fully enjoy the facilities that Phu My Hung urban area brings such as FV hospital, Crescent Mall, Parkson commercial center, golf course, park, children’s play area, etc. Entertainment, shopping, health care and financial facilities are also just a few minutes away by motorbike.

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