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Sunshine Apartments (Sunshine City Saigon) is a masterpiece of art built and developed by Sunshine Group. With diamond location, gold-plated design, royal living space. Sunshine City Saigon apartment gives residents a comfortable and trendy life.

can ho sunshine city saigon quan 7 2
(Overall perspective of Sunshine Apartments project)

Sunshine Apartments are the harmony of traditional values ​​and modern lifestyle in a sophisticated and luxurious way. This is a project that creates a new wave of success of investor Sunshine Group in the real estate market in the South of Saigon.

– Currently, the project’s HOT level has not shown any signs of cooling down, Sunshine Apartments are still the focus of interest of many investors and buyers.

Căn hộ sunshine city quận 7 cho thuê tuyệt đẹp 3PN nội thất cao cấp-Sunshine Apartments for rent in District 7 beautiful 3 bedrooms
(Overflow Swimming pool)

Overview of Sunshine Apartments project

Sunshine Apartments project (Sunshine City Saigon District 7) has a “caliber” value like a diamond that converges the quintessence of major cities in the world, raising the level of life for owners.

  • Project location: Phu Thuan Street, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, HCMC
  • Investor: Sunshine Group
  • Construction unit: Hoa Binh
  • Supervision consultant: Apave Asia Pacific
  • Project scale: 42,529 sqm (More than 4.2ha)
  • Total construction floor area: 434,791 sqm
  • Number of towers: 9 apartment towers from 26 to 38 floors high.
  • Number of bedrooms: From 2 to 4 bedrooms with area from 77 – 130sqm
  • Total number of apartments: 3,748 units
  • Type of product: Villa, Duplex, Penthouse
  • Start of construction: Quarter 4/2018

– Before developing the Sunshine apartments project, Sunshine Group was known as one of the most prestigious and economically potential real estate investors in the Northern real estate market.

– It can be said that in Vietnam’s real estate market, Sunshine Group is the pioneer investor in applying the 4.0 Revolution in housing development, changing the real estate market as well as meeting all strict standards. and Sunshine City Saigon urban area is no exception.

Sunshine Group’s projects have been implemented in Saigon:

  • Sunshine Apartments
  • Sunshine Horizon District 4 (Front Ton That Thuyet District 4)
  • Sunshine Diamond River (Dao Tri Front, District 7)
  • Sunshine Continental District 10 (To Hien Thanh & Thanh Thai Crossroads)
  • Sunshine Venicia District 2 (Right in Thu Thiem new urban area)
Căn hộ sunshine city quận 7 cho thuê tuyệt đẹp 3PN nội thất cao cấp-Sunshine Apartments for rent in District 7 beautiful 3 bedrooms
(The river in the area is the highlight of the Sunshine Apartments)
Căn hộ sunshine city quận 7 cho thuê tuyệt đẹp 3PN nội thất cao cấp-Sunshine Apartments for rent in District 7 beautiful 3 bedrooms
(Sky bar)

– Located on a land fund of nearly 10 hectares at the intersection of Phu Thuan – Huynh Tan Phat streets, District 7 with a scale of 9 blocks, Sunshine apartments is a super project that causes a fever in the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City in the last months. In 2018 and early 2019. It is known that the total investment capital of the project is up to VND 10,000 billion, providing the market with more than 3,000 apartments and a system of more than 70 high-class utilities.

– With the advantage of “First near-sighted, second near-jiang, three near-road”, the project gathers many favorable factors to become an expensive piece of land in the richest and most civilized residential area in the Ho Chi Minh City.

– Inspired by the prosperous New York’s Hudson River, Sunshine apartments is built on the Ca Cam river on the south bank of the city, where it enjoys the full vitality of prosperity from the green and fresh flow of fortune. , the other side looks to the Saigon River stretching endlessly.

– With a huge scale, Sunshine apartments are promised to be a new super project, contributing to perfecting the picture of Phu My Hung urban area, and at the same time, providing a residence worthy of the upper class for residents.

Căn hộ sunshine city quận 7 cho thuê tuyệt đẹp 3PN nội thất cao cấp-Sunshine Apartments for rent in District 7 beautiful 3 bedrooms
(Inter-court stairs)

Sunshine apartments for rent in District 7 has a central location

– Sunshine apartments project is located at the intersection of 4 Phu Thuan & Huynh Tan Phat streets, Phu Thuan ward, District 7, along the Ca Cam river and surrounded by a calm flow. This is considered a land of spirituality, good feng shui, good dragon veins, bringing abundant energy, glorious life, fortune…

– Besides, the project location is also highly appreciated by real estate investors for the advantage of multi-way connectivity.

– From Sunshine apartments, it only takes you about 5-10 minutes to move to busy commercial centers such as: Cresent Mall, Parkson Paragon, Vivo City, schools, hospitals; 10 minutes to District 2; 15 minutes to Ben Thanh market District 1,…

– Residents of Sunshine apartments do not need to worry about being on the wrong side of the road, traffic jams. At the same time, this location also has a lot of potential for profit in the future because the regional transport infrastructure is constantly being invested and synchronized.

Sunshine apartments for rent with smart design

Sunshine apartments for rent is arranged according to the scientific method, connecting the nine tops of the tower together will form the shape of a dragon reaching out, winding, wrapping, and covering all apartments in here.

– Sunshine apartments for rent diverse area to meet market demand:

  • 1 bedroom apartment: 45 – 50 – 52sqm
  • 2 bedrooms apartment: 74 – 83 – 86sqm
  • 3 bedrooms apartment: 96 – 97 – 99 – 101 – 111sqm

– With a total investment of up to thousands of billions of dong, Sunshine apartments are spaciously designed and harmoniously arranged to provide airy and spacious living spaces.

– In particular, Sunshine apartments are also one of the pioneering projects in applying smart technology to apartment management and operation. Smart Home technology system, destination elevator, digital bell, smart parking spot, Sunshine App, Sunshine Service, etc., give residents completely new experiences about their residence. 

Sunshine apartment for rent with 5-star standard facilities

– Sunshine City Saigon  is oriented by the investor as a luxury apartment, designed according to 5-star standards. Bringing a fully-equipped, modern and extremely classy life experience, becoming the first choice of the elite resident community.

Căn hộ sunshine city quận 7 cho thuê tuyệt đẹp 3PN nội thất cao cấp-Sunshine Apartments for rent in District 7 beautiful 3 bedrooms

Sunshine Apartments has outstanding internal facilities

– A system of more than 40 internal utilities (Shopping Center, Spa, Gym, …) along with nearby utilities of the bustling Phu My Hung KDT such as golf course, international school, … bring authentic life to the residents.

– Low-E glass system touches the floor, sophisticated gold-plated details in the interior, … make a difference compared to real estate projects in the same high-end segment in the apartment market in Ho Chi Minh City.

– Smart service system – 4.0 Smart Home technology

Sunshine apartments project is a pioneer project in applying IoT (Internet Of Thing) trend for the entire project and Smart Home for each apartment.

– From the elevator, the parking space is integrated with a technology system, allowing face / fingerprint recognition. At the same time, residents are provided with services such as Sunshine App, Sunshine Service, Sunshine School to assist in booking cars, ordering food, cleaning, shopping, etc.

Căn hộ sunshine city quận 7 cho thuê tuyệt đẹp 3PN nội thất cao cấp-Sunshine Apartments for rent in District 7 beautiful 3 bedrooms
Căn hộ sunshine city quận 7 cho thuê tuyệt đẹp 3PN nội thất cao cấp-Sunshine Apartments for rent in District 7 beautiful 3 bedrooms
Căn hộ sunshine city quận 7 cho thuê tuyệt đẹp 3PN nội thất cao cấp-Sunshine Apartments for rent in District 7 beautiful 3 bedrooms

– Comes with a series of devices that are synchronized with each other. From televisions, lights, air conditioners, water heaters, curtains, etc., all are activated in just one touch, extremely easy.

– Multi-purpose sports ground; Landscape lake; Lobby to welcome guests; Inter-court parking basement; Infinity pool; Library; Art overflow; Rooftop City Bar; S – Café; Maple Bear Kindergarten; Asian – European restaurant; S – Smart, S – Parmacy; S- Fitness and Spa; Children’s play area; Cinema 4D, 5D; Garden BBQ; Inter-court pedestrian bridge; The four-season flower garden,…

– Somehow, the investor has created for residents a life connecting the community, connecting culture and connecting comfort.

Utilities outside of Sunshine apartments for rent

– Education system: International School of Japan, Korea, Taipei, Canada, Saigon South, RMIT University, Ton Duc Thang University, Vietnam-Australia joint Nguyen Tat Thanh University, Dinh Thien Ly school, …

– System of supermarkets and trade centers: Big C, Paragon, Crescent Mall, Vivo City, Lotte Mart,…

– System of hospitals and medical facilities: Tam Duc Heart Hospital, District 7 Hospital, FV Hospital, Tan Hung General Hospital, etc.
Just move across Phu My Bridge to reach District 2, just a few minutes away from District 4 and District 1.

– All within a distance of 5-7 minutes by motorbike, meeting a comfortable life for residents.

Consult the rental price of Sunshine apartments

** 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms        70 sqm
Semi furniture:10-12 million/month
Fully furnished14-15 million/month
** 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms102m2 – 131 sqm
Semi furniture:14-16 million/month
Fully furnished18-20 million/month

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